Pros and Cons of Using Hot Water Heater

Your home and natural gas

For homeowners who live in cold climates, having hot water on demand is a necessity. With a reliable water heater installed to provide your household’s hot water needs, bath time in the midst of winter is no longer a dreadful activity, but it becomes an enjoyable experience that everyone in your family can anticipate. The heated water will also allow you to use important household appliances like dishwashers and clothes washers. In order for you to find the right balance between dependable performance and cost-effective water heating, then you need to deliberately assess all choices before investing in the right water heater system for your home

The pros of using hot water heaters are:

1. Convenience and Ease of Use

The electric hot water heater is generally simpler to use than a gas powered heater. The reason is that the equipment runs simply on electrical power so you do not have to worry about turning the gas on to start its water heating operation.

2. Minimal and Space Saving Design

Since they run purely on electricity, electric water heaters are more compact if compared to gas water heaters of the same capacity. In addition, you will have more options where to install your hot water since they do not require venting for exhaust. Their compact design makes them ideal for small homes.

3. Simpler and Lower Installation Costs

Due to the fact that electric water heaters do not require venting,  their installation process is a lot easier than gas powered ones. Installing gas water heaters usually requires you to install a new ventilation system as existing ones may not be adequate due to its high rate of gas consumption.

4. Availability of Power Source

Electric gas heaters can be used at any home that is connected to the power grid because they use electricity to heat water. On the other hand, gas-powered heaters are limited only to homes that are connected to local gas service. You will never run out of hot water. As long as your house has an electric connection, you are never going to run out of hot water with an electric water heater.

With pros, there must be cons, These are the cons of using hot water heaters:

1. More Expensive in the Long Run

While the initial installation cost of an electric water heater is lower than their gas-powered counterparts, the operational costs of running an electric heater are generally more expensive in the long run. The reason for this is very simple – the cost of electricity is usually more expensive compared to gas. Therefore, you may save up on the installation costs but you have to spend more on your electricity bills.

2. No Electricity, Then No Hot Water

Just like any other electronic devices such as your TV and smartphones, electric water heaters need electricity to function. Thus, when there’s a power outage, you cannot use it.

3. Longer Recovery Time

In contrast with gas-powered heaters, the recovery rate for the electric water heaters is lower, which means that if a household has a high peak usage, the amount of hot water generated by an electric heater may not suffice to cover the household’s needs.

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